Evan Evans BIANCO: a singular Eden Valley Riesling blend.

The Evan Evans BAROSSA BIANCO is a richly flavoured white wine blend that expresses the three classic white varieties of the Eden Valley; Riesling, Gewürztraminer, and Pinot gris (Pinot grigio / Grauburgunder). They are hand-harvested together on just the right morning every year, then co-fermented at ambient (ale) temperatures in old oak puncheons. Learn more.

The BIANCO boasts an Alsatian-like flavour profile with Chablis-esque acidity, achieved through blending, bio-acidification, and full ripeness. This is a single-vineyard field blend, hailing from the Fechner vineyard in Moculta, Eden Valley, making it the Barossa’s only legitimate, gentil styled white wine blend.

The BIANCO is our most resolute dry white wine; inoculated with multiple, specific wild yeast cultures, and deliberately unfiltered, unfloated, and unstripped; it retains a slight haze, typifying our dedication to raw winemaking beauty.

Following the success of the 2021 vintage, the 2022 BAROSSA BIANCO is nicely priced at $28.0 per bottle or $302.40 per dozen with complimentary shipping. It is an intense bottle of rich white wine that challenges the norm whilst fully expressing the cool terroir of the northern Eden Valley region. Buy it below!

We recognisde the Ngadjuri and Peramangk people, on whose ancestral lands these vineyards stand outside Angaston, Barossa.

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Evan Evans BIANCO 2022 Eden Valley

The BAROSSA BIANCO 2022 is composed of Pinot gris (49%), Riesling (31%),and Gewürztraminer (20%).

Grown in Moculta, on the ancient traditional lands of the Ngadjuri people.

For winemaking and 2022 vintage description and product information go to TASTING NOTES :

Evan Evans Bianco BAROSSA BIANCO Barossa Valley 2022

Evan Evans Wines: 2022 BAROSSA BIANCO: Product information

Eden Valley field blend

RRP $28.0
Eden Valley
Volume: 750 mL
Cellaring potential: 4+ years from vintage.


The Evan Evans BAROSSA BIANCO 2022 is a blend of Pinot Gris (49%), Riesling (31%), and Gewürztraminer (20%), originating from the Fechner Vineyards in Moculta, Eden Valley.


Nestled at an elevation of 280 meters, the vines enjoy an undulated landscape that averages 2 degrees Celsius cooler than the Barossa Valley. The Pinot gris block sits below the frostline.

Soil profile:

The vine roots here explore texture-contrast soils of loams over metamorphosed limestone. The Penrice limestone quarry is spitting distance away.

Growing Season:

The 2022 harvest faced challenges. The Barossan winter was the wettest in 27 years. High levels of rainfall, well above the long term averages, replenished the drought stricken Para River and gushed into the creeks, dams and soil profiles. The growing season started slowly due to La Niña conditions. Cooler daytime temperatures caused budburst to occur later than usual. Despite a cold flowering season and delayed ripening, the vineyard experienced ample ripeness.

Unusual Weather Patterns:

An extreme hailstorm on October 28th swept across the region, wiping out most of the Riesling crop. Although a sunny spring helped damaged canopies recover, significant crop potential was lost. Hence, this 2022 blend is Pinot gris heavy, and Riesling takes the back seat. December and January were characterised by a burst of summer heat without heat waves. Yet, just before the beginning of the vintage, another severe weather event brought heavy rain and more hail to some areas.

Harvest and Quality:

Overall, these various weather events resulted in lower yields throughout the region; down 20% on 2021. Harvest was delayed in the cooler weather. Fruit developed later and there were second crops present. As a result, the 2022 wines showcase elegance, incredible perfume and considerable acidity.

Fruit processing:

The three parcels were hand-harvested on February 25, 2022. The grapes were foot-treaded for three hours to enhance grip and flavour, then bladder pressed to a tank for cold settling and racking.


Juice fermentation took place in old oak puncheons, using several pure cultures of non-Saccharomyces yeast species. Bio-acidification with Lanchancea Thermotolerans contributes to the wine’s mouth-watering acidity. Metschnikowia pulcherrima, another wild yeast species, was introduced to target terpene alcohols in Riesling and Gewürztraminer skins.


MLF was arrested and the blend was sur lie aged for five months with combined batonage in puncheons. The wine was then racked to tank for another three months, utilising the healthy lees for richness and redox buffering.


The 2022 BIANCO was bottled on October 25, 2022, exhibiting enhanced aromatics and boastingthe highest alcohol content to date. Unfiltered, unfiltered and naturally settled, it may display a harmless grape haze, and tartrates may form in bottle at freezing temperatures.

Tasting notes:

The 2022 BIANCO exhibits delightful palate fullness, lively acidity, and understated aromatics. It features a subtle influence of oak, accompanied by a texture reminiscent of lemon pith. Richly citrus flavoured.

Cellaring potential:

Offering cellaring potential for 4+ years under a technological cork closure, guaranteed for controlled aging and consistent trouble-free performance.


Jeremy Evan Evans


SO2: 25/106mg/L, 13.6% ABV, pH 3.31, TA 7.7 g/L, NTU 28.6, Malic 1.63 g/L, G+F 0.52 g/L


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Evan Evans Wines is located in the Barossa wine region, South Australia, on Ngadjuri and Peramangk land. We are an experimental producer of unique Barossa blends, made from beautiful Barossa fruit. We like to hear from people from all walks of life who share a passion for the world of viticulture, wine appreciation, and all things related to fermentation and wine microbiology. Drop us a line to book a tasting!

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